The place

  • Pueblo Suizo


    Welcome to Pueblo Suizo’s site A new touristic and business destination in “Costa de Oro” (Golden Coast) which offers the comfort and privacy of a bungalow with the service of a hotel and one of the best possible choice regarding best quality meals, just 50 minutes away from Montevideo. All bungalows are equipped with one […]

  • Pueblo Suizo


    There was once a Swiss couple that decided to go on a trip to far away land to celebrate their 50th.Brithday, and visit at the same time their friends Heinz Stussi and Silvia Koller, who had arrived from Switzerland a year before, to acquire 30 acres of land, on the coast of Rio de la […]

  • Pueblo Suizo

    The crew

    Owners Irene and Jürgen Reichert, the hosts and directors of the complex Pueblo Suizo, welcome you with the traditional style and warmth of the Swiss hospitality, making you feel at home. These tow professionals of the hotel and restaurant industry have put their trust in Uruguay, to offer us the best of their European culture, […]

  • Pueblo Suizo


    Everything what you need and more: drinks, sweets and candy, breakfast items and groceries, snacks, dairy products, etc. You’ll also find fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery products, cold cuts, meat, and everything what you need for a great BBQ.

  • Beach

    At only 200 meters, you’ll find a nice quiet beach with a view to the hills of Piriapolis. You can also enjoy beautiful sunsets.        

  • Pueblo Suizo


    What is Shiatsu? It means finger pressure, or acupressure. Shiatsu is a method of prevention, cure and regeneration, with 4.00 years of medicine and oriental philosophy behind. How does it work? By applying finger pressure on the meridians (Lines of Energy) the flow of energy is affected. This means that it is re-distributed: from where […]

  • Pueblo Suizo

    Entertaining area

    Children game like: •    Hammocks •    Sliding boards •    Kid’s little house •    Ping-pong table Enclosed space with video and table games Soccer, volley ball courts and Gym Activities program for children Adults and children bikes are available to rent