Pueblo SuizoWhat is Shiatsu?

It means finger pressure, or acupressure. Shiatsu is a method of prevention, cure and regeneration, with 4.00 years of medicine and oriental philosophy behind.

How does it work?

By applying finger pressure on the meridians (Lines of Energy) the flow of energy is affected. This means that it is re-distributed: from where there is too much energy to where there is not enough, and the other way ound reaching in this way a sensation of interior balance.

Shiatsu is a therapy, that treats every person in particular way, so that it is a unique and different experience for each individual.

I do Shiatsu because it makes me feel happy!

Hulda Bärtsch

My two years of training include:
•    The technique of Shiatsu.
•    Study of the 5 elements.
•    Human anatomy.
•    Study of the 12 meridians
•    Dialogue techniques.

Please ask, for more information.