Menu restaurant

.: Cold Entries :.
Raw ham with port marinated melon pearls and fresh mint leaves.

Marinated salmon, dill, mustard and honey sauce, zucchini and salad bouquet.

.: Hot Entries :.

Combination of crepes with zucchini cream and aromatic herbs.

Grillé cod in champagne sauce, and vegetable julienne.

.: Soup :.

Season salad

“Tessin” salad
(Salted chicken strips with sesame seeds, pineapple and soy sprouts with balsamic vinegar and Honey dressing)

“Berna” salad
Green mesclun, pork strips, arrucula, zucchini, cherry tomato and red wine, oporto dressing

.: Hot Dishes :.

Filet steak “Diavolo”
(filet steak gratined with Roquefort and fresh herbs,  red wine sauce, potato gratin, and vegetable bouquet)

Chicken Breast “Jürgen”
(Chicken fish filled with the secret of the chef, with tomato, basil, nuts and garlic sauce, with tagliatelli and vegetables)

Fish “Atlantis”
(Grilled fish fillet in dill cream and shrims sauce with rice and vegetables)

Raviolones “St. Mortiz”
(Filled Pasta with vegetables in a light Roquefort cheese and nuts sauce)

*Please consult if you would like to modify you side dish.

.: Swiss and German Specialities :.

Kalbsbratwurst mit Zwiebelnsauce und Rösti
(Swiss sausage in onion sauce and Swiss potatoes)

(Typical Swiss German Pasta salted in butter, cream and mushrooms)

(Pork steak with salted potatoes and onions)

Kassler mit Sauerkraut und Püree
(Smoked pork ribs with carbage and mushead potatoes)

Schweinekotelette “Schwarzwald”
(pork ribs with mustard sauce and salted potatoes)

Kalbsgeschnetzletes Züricher Art
(Filet cubs with cream and fresh mushrooms sauce with Swiss potatoes and vegetable bouquet)

And a bit of history…

Through the rest of te world declared national dish and in the “Larousse Gastronomique” Encyclopedia as typical plate fron Geneva, the cheese fondue comes according to Neuenburg people from their canton, even thought people from different cantons say the same.
By all mean, a fondue must be prepared in a “Caquelon”, the well-known mud pan, where it will be much delicious. The type of cheese is the most important things to accomplish the traditional taste and texture, being the most used the Gruyere, Emmentaler, Vacherin, Alpkäse and Appenzeller. A suggestion is to give a touch of black pepper and to drink a good wine or Kirch.

Käsefondue (For 2)
Typical a delicious cheese fondue an all their varieties, all of them with home made bread:

* Cheese and more cheese *
Tasty and classic, ideal for a winter day.

* Cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil *
A different, exotic and fresh touch.

* Cheese, smoked bacon and onions *
Mmmh!!… no words

* Cheese and fresh mushrooms *
The perfect combination: delicacy and character

.: Dessert :.

(Traditional Swiss dessert made with cereals, dried fruit, yogurt and fresh fruit… mmmh! Don’t miss it)

(Autentic and home mad, and Italian dessert with mascarpone cheese and coffee)

(Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream)

(Cheesecake with fresh fruit sauce)

“Bünder Nusstrote”
(Swiss nuts torte)
Frozen ice creams and fresh fruit with fresh fruit sauce

Parfait “Grand Marnier”
(semi frozen cream with a fresh orange sauce)

!Guten Appetit!